On the 25th January we had quite an interesting sea mission on the Feral.

Those fancy yellow ‘missiles’ are in fact highly sophisticated and expensive scientific sea gliders, designed to collect data about our climate.

Visiting scientists, Adrian and Gareth from the Centre for Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences of University of East Anglia, UK; were here to deploy the sea gliders as part of the ELO project. The ELO (Equatorial Line Observations) project aims to observe, model and understand ocean-atmosphere processes that govern tropical weather systems.

The gliders are now happily diving out in the Indian Ocean. Controlled remotely, all the way from the UK, the gliders dive up and down into the deep, measuring and sending data about the Indian Ocean. To see what they have been up to visit :

"Many thanks Hama for a very productive and enjoyable trip out. Thank you for all your help and enthusiasm in deploying our two Seagliders in the Indian Ocean. They are now measuring the temperature and salinity of  the ocean as part of the ELO project, to help improve understanding and forecasting of weather over the region. And swimming with the manta ray during the deployment was an unexpected bonus!" - Andrew