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explore the island






explore the island





where on earth 


Christmas Island, a remote island in the middle of the Indian Ocean with a unique mix of wildlife and culture.

how to get here

You can fly directly to Christmas Island from Perth three times per week or from Indonesia once a week. It is expensive, but so worth it, this is definitely like no other place on earth. It is an Australian territory with Australian currency and law, so Australian VISA rules apply.

For current flight schedules please visit: Christmas Island Tourism Association (CITA) website. 

what to explore

On land and in the sea there is much to discover. With over 60% National Park, there is a whole lot of nature to explore.

Depending on your interests and your fitness there are a range of options:

 If you like to relax, there are beaches, short walks and lookouts that easily accessible.

For the sporty types, try a yoga class, a session at the gym or a round at our world class golf course.

For the adventurous nature lover, long hikes to remote beaches, caving or a trip to the Dales waterfall.

Of course, its not all about nature. If you get your timing right you could join in the annual Bird Week tour; Island marathon or even witness one of the greatest natural spectacles - the famous red crab migration. 

For more information on what to do and see when you are NOT diving, please visit: CITA again.