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dive wet'n'dry



dive wet'n'dry


We like to ‘go with the flow’ at Wet’n’Dry, so most sites are drift dives, so relax knowing the boat is waiting for you as you surface.

Exploring the waters surrounding Christmas Island is an experience not to be missed. A myriad of tropical fish swim by in only metres of water, while a short distance away, divers can cruise the drop-off, which plunges dramatically into the abyss. 

Christmas Island has a fringing reef so all sites hug the coast. Ocean conditions are calm most of the year, excepting short periods during wet season and travelling times are generally under 30 minutes. 

Whether you like to search for the secretive little critters or prefer to keep your eye on the blue for the bigger beasts, Christmas Island hosts a vast array of tropical fish species, nudibranchs, pelagics , turtles and sharks. With special guest stars, whalesharks and mantas, dropping by between November to April to get in on the plankton action.

Lynny and Hama aboard 'Feral'. Find out more about our team   here.

Lynny and Hama aboard 'Feral'. Find out more about our team here.



The great thing about diving on CI is that we have access all year round. However, conditions do vary between wet and dry seasons:

Wet [November – April]: ocean conditions occasionally rough on the Northern side of the island, but we have an alternative launch site on the East side and access to ordinarily choppy sites improves. Can be rainy but visibility remains in the 20m. This is also the time the whalesharks and mantas visit these waters.  Average water temperature 29°C.

Dry [May – October]: ocean conditions calm in North and West side of the Island. Good visibility. Same amazing diversity with less divers. Average water temperature 27°C.

Average maximum air temperature is approximately 28°C all year round, with slightly cooler conditions during July-August. Because of surrounding ocean influence, the relative humidity does not fluctuate seasonally and remains around 80-90%. Water temperatures range from a maximum of 30°C in wet season to a chilly 25°C in the dry season. Most divers are happy with a full- length 3mm suit for much of the year, but if you feel the cold you might want a 5mm or a hood!


While we do experience some quick currents in parts of the island, most of our sites have very predictable and slow water movement. The dive master checks the current, prior to briefing, on sites with changeable patterns. Generally we like to ‘go with the flow’ at Wet’n’Dry, so most sites are drift (not return) dives and the boat is waiting for us at the end point.


As Christmas Island is a remote location we prefer to err on the side of caution with conservative dive profiles and lengthy surface intervals. There is currently no decompression chamber  on Christmas Island, and although we have excellent medical staff available, we recommend that all visitor’s have dive insurance. Christmas Island Wet’n'Dry Adventures are members of Diver’s Alert Network Asia Pacific (DANAP) who provide Worldwide Emergency Evacuation Coverage and more.

NB: Manager reserves the right to cancel diving if conditions affect safety of divers. Refunds and alternative activities offered. 



We are a small eco - friendly operation and we love to spoil our divers. That is why we have a maximum of 6 divers on-board. Smaller numbers means we can keep our service exclusive and keep our impact on the wildlife minimal. This is good news for photographers too, as there are less legs and bubbles in your viewfinder!

Larger groups can still be accommodated by splitting into morning and afternoon sessions, which can cater those in your group that would prefer to have a leisurely start and also those who want to charge forth into the dawn.


Daily Dive Schedule

Departure: 8am from our  main beach, Flying Fish Cove.

Return: Approx. 12:30 – 1pm

Dives: 2 x boat dives  selected on the day according to conditions/divers interest.

Surface interval: about 1.5 hrs (cruising or snorkelling)



Every diver has his or her own wish list and style of diving. We try to make your dive holiday the best experience possible. So if you would like to see a particular creature or dive site, just tell us. We always put safety first, but if conditions allow, we will do our best to oblige. The ocean, however, has her own rules so we can’t guarantee we’ll find what you’re looking for! 

Click here to find out more about our dive sites.


Lunches + Snacks

A range of refreshments, available at any time onboard, include: Tea, Coffee, Water, Milo, Soft Drinks, Cookies, lollies and Muffins (freshly baked and famously yummy).

Lunch is provided on request. We offer tasty and nutritious food from a variety of culinary backgrounds. Please let us know if you have any special requirements and will try to accommodate them.


Transfers from your accommodation to launch site are available on request. Pick-up is generally at 7:50am. Drop-off by the latest 1:30pm. Giving you plenty of time to explore the island.

From the moment we met Hama and Linny we knew we were in for a great week. The diving was spectacular and on board customer service was tailored to our every need.

— Nella and Wal - Trip Advisor


dive sites


dive sites


With over 64 dive sites of stunning diversity, Christmas Island has something to suit everyone!

Whether it’s dramatic walls with large, healthy fans; cave dives with ‘exit and explore’ options or a scattered wreck from WWII, the visibility is spectacular.

With a fringing reef, most sites are close to the coast and can be reached within 30 minutes.

Whatever your fancy, diving here is always relaxing. We favour drift diving, so you can take your time and go where the current takes you, while our team waits for you at the end point.

We get an early start so our two-dive days have you back to shore just after lunch, leaving plenty of time to explore the island.



 our team


 our team



Owner/operator of CI Wet'n'Dry Adventures. Hama has been diving on Christmas Island since 1996, pioneering  many of our favourite dive sites. Born in Japan, Hama has worked in the dive industry for 30 years in Palau, Okinawa, Hawaii. He moves fast on land, but dives slow. 

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Living on the island since 1992, Lynny is our dive master, nudibranch expert and hostess with the mostest. She is famous for the delicious muffins she bakes daily for our divers!! Lynny knows the Christmas Island underwater better than the back of her hand and loves nothing more than sharing it all with our visitors. 

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Yoga Instructor, Dive Master and Co-owner,  our logistics coordinator. Making sure you get your coffee, gear and lunch just the way you like it. She also manages our website and marketing, and occasionally helps out on the boat.