Cool Links

Cool CI Info

The Christmas Island Tourism Association site is a hub of practical information for potential visitors. [Accomodation and Flights sections very handy] but also has great info on nature, history and culture of the island.

ABC Island Life Series
Island Life is a six-part TV series exploring some of Australia’s most remarkable islands and the interaction of their human and animal inhabitants. The website has detailed and accurate information about many aspects of life on CI.

Cool Diving

Diver’s Alert Network (DAN)

The Divers Alert Network (DAN) is a global network of not-for-profit, member-based, dive safety organisations working for the safety of all divers through education, research and training. DAN provides around the clock assistance to members in the event of a diving accident/illness.

underwater australasia
Promotes the amazing variety of diving in Australasia. It’s an intuitive, up to date and comprehensive website for anybody interested in exploring Australia, Oceania and the Asia Pacific underwater.

Cocos Keeling Island
Our closest Australian neighbour (900km South West of CI), Cocos is an amazing atoll with awesome diving, pristine white beaches and friendly, relaxed people. Well worth a look. Say hi to Dieter and Karen at Cocos Dive.

Cool Creatures

Find out how you can help scientists discover more about migration habits of our whalesharks simply by taking their photo!

List of species on National Parks website.
More detailed information on ABC’s Island Life website.

Red Crabs
The National Parks Red Crab page has detailed information on breeding, feeding and migration of these amazing critters.

Cool Photographers

Mike Seebeck
A keen diver and traveller, Mike travels extensively throughout the world, from Asia to Antartica, taking beautiful nature shots. Based on Christmas Island, Mike has produced some of the most pristine natural images of our island both above and below the water. Many thanks to him, for his generous contribution of his spectacular photos featured on this site.

Glen Cowans
Local West Australian Underwater Photographer based in Fremantle. Produces the UnderView Collection - Limited Edition Canvas Prints featuring the colour and fragility of nature underwater and specialising in Western Australian subjects and locations.

Cool Flicks

See for yourself what you are in for.
Diving with Whalesharks – excerpt from Travel Oz documentary – 4mins
Christmas Island Part 1 – Travel Oz documentary 10mins (crab migration)
Christmas Island Part 2 Travel Oz documentary featuring Birds and whalesharks – 10 mins