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Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

I love exploring the underwater here. Searching for elusive creatures or new nooks and crannies that might become new dive sites. I have been exploring the UW here since 1996, both with and without customers. In this time, I have dived all of the North , West and East side and little bit of the South side of the island. I dove around 10m - 20m depth all the way.  On these expeditions I have discovered 34 dive sites (Christmas Island has 64 dive sites in total ).                                                                                                           Recently, we found a  new dive site, we have called, Dotty wall.     I remember I dove around this area about 15 years ago and recall finding only rubble and broken corals. 3 weeks ago, I dove this area again and this time I went below 25m and travelled the reef from right to left (15 years ago, I went left to right and stayed around 15m depth ).    Wow ..what a difference!!   Beautiful fan corals and full of fishes from 25m - 45m depth.   I guess I didn’t see this place last time I dove here. It’s only 10m depth difference, but I missed it.   I was so excited about this place but also thought: there might be more good sites below 25m ???    Even when you think you’ve seen it all……..Just goes to show that a change of perspective can surprise even the most seasoned divers!!         Anyone keen to go around again, to find the good dive sites below 25m?                                                                                                                                  I will soon be heading back to Japan to catch up with my Family.   Apologies for any inconvenience.                                                                Enquiries can be made via e-mail….                                                                                                                       Closing 28th Jan ….. Open 30th April to 30th June ….. Open 22nd Oct to 15th Dec 2017.