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One of the best things about Wet’n’Dry is that the owners also operate the business. We have a direct stake in the outcome of your visit – so we do our utmost to make your diving holiday safe and enjoyable. We like to provide service that will be remembered, so we go the extra mile to see your smile!



Instructor. Owner. Skipper. Fix-it guy.
This is the man with too many hats but he wears them so well. With over 25 years of experience in the dive industry, Hama has been diving in Christmas Island since 1996 and is by far most experienced dive operator in these waters. Pioneering many of the known dive sites available on CI, Hama loves to explore our coast looking for interesting new trails for our visitors. Born in Japan, diving is his lifelong passion that has taken him all over the world. To give some indication of the impressive diving on offer on CI – Hama tore up his return ticket after 3 days diving holiday declaring there was no need to go anywhere else!


Dive Master. Skipper.
Lynny is a fish, who dries out if she goes more than a couple of days without a dive. Also a long-term island resident, Lynny has logged thousands of dives in her local wonderland. She shares her passion for the underwater enthusiastically with everyone she meets and is a member of the slow-dive movement.


Skipper. Cook. Driver. Mummy. Yoga Teacher.

Lin got stranded here on a yacht in 2000 and started working for Wet’n’Dry to make ends meet. Now she is married to Hama and looking after their beautiful girls, Leila and Lumi. She helps out with lunches and gear and also teaches yoga at the local Rec. Centre.


Custom built for stability, our 7m ex-rescue aluminium vessel, FERAL, is fully surveyed to AMSA standards. Fitted with Yamaha 200 4-stroke outboard engine, the ride is quiet and low on fumes. Low to the water, with pontoon-style edges, FERAL is highly buoyant and stable in the water, providing a safe and comfortable trip to all our sites.

Entry to the water is an easy backward roll (more relaxing than sliding off the couch) with a stern ladder for easy access post-dive. FERAL’s wide pontoon edges make for perfect seating. The stern and centre console are covered by a canopy, providing shade and a perfect whaleshark spotting platform. FERAL has capacity for 6 guests + 2 crew.


  • Gear: Sales, Hire and Maintenance
  • PADI Courses (from Open Water to Dive Master level)
  • Tank Fills
  • Charters

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