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    Why dive Christmas Island?

    Christmas Island may not show up on many maps, but it definitely registers on the radar of all serious divers. On Christmas Island, divers are spoilt by consistently amazing visibility with an abundance of fish.

    Why dive with Wet’n’Dry?

    We are a small and friendly family business that has been operating on Christmas Island since 1994. We are big on smiles and service and like to have a lot of fun but not at the expense of safety. Wet’n'Dry Adventures are proud supporters of DAN Asia Pacific.

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    • Always More to Explore

      January 25th, 2017
      I love exploring the underwater here. Searching for elusive creatures or new nooks and crannies that might become new dive sites. I have been exploring the UW here since 1996, both with and without customers. In this time, I have dived all of the North , West and East side and little bit of the South side of the island. I dove around 10m - 20m depth all the way.  On these expeditions I have discovered 34 dive sites (Christmas Island has 64 dive sites in total ).                                                                                                           Recently, we found a  new dive site, we have called, Dotty wall.     I remember I dove around this area about 15 years ago and recall finding only rubble and broken corals. 3 weeks ago, I dove this area again and this time I went below 25m and travelled the reef from right to left (15 years ago, I went left to right and stayed around 15m depth ).    Wow ..what a difference!!   Beautiful fan corals and full of fishes from 25m - 45m depth.   I guess I didn’t see this place last time I dove here. It’s only 10m depth difference, but I missed it.   I was so excited about this place but also thought: there might be more good sites below 25m ???    Even when you think you've seen it all........Just goes to show that a change of perspective can surprise even the most seasoned divers!!         Anyone keen to go around again, to find the good dive sites below 25m?                                                                                                                                  I will soon be heading back to Japan to catch up with my Family.   Apologies for any inconvenience.                                                                Enquiries can be made via e-mail.... diving@pulau.cx                                                                                                                       Closing 28th Jan ..... Open 30th April to 30th June ..... Open 22nd Oct to 15th Dec 2017.